Orchestrated Web Scraping

An introduction to the Kuber package: how to use kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform to create a scraper that runs at the speed of light.

Making R Fly with Rcpp

An overview of Rcpp, an R package that works as an interface between R and C++ to make everything run faster.

Cloudy with a Chance of Cron

How to schedule the execution of R scripts using the cronR package and the amazing meteorological API from DarkSky.

The Magic of Purrr

How to use purrr (an R package) to handle iteration in a much more straightforward and elegant way.

Colbert’s Fixation

An analysis of the most frequent terms used by Stephen Colbert in The Late Show, and his fixation with Trump.

Taking Notes in a STEM Class

My go-to method for taking notes in STEM classes in my computer using both Markdown and LaTeX in Atom.

Fa·vor·it·ism, n.

How often senators vote in line with Trump as a function of Trump’s margin in their states.